Challenged Athletes Foundation-Aspen Medical San Diego Triathlon Challenge

The weekend of October 20th families and athletes from all over the country traveled to San Diego, California to take part in the Aspen Medical San Diego Triathlon Challenge.  This is one of Challenged Athletes Foundations culminating events that challenges athletes in a 1-mile swim, 44-mile bike ride, and 10k run.  Participants can race as a relay team or complete the entire race. They can also take part in many other fun events like a YMCA of San Diego Tour De Cove Spin event, Kaiser Permanente yoga, Junior Seau Surf, wheelchair tennis, and Swim clinics. (

Prior to SDTC, is the Million Dollar Challenge (MDC) which helps to raise $1 million dollars for challenged athletes.  It is a 7-day journey from Sausalito to La Jolla Cove that builds a community of riders and forms bonds between all the riders.  All the riders come away with an appreciation for life and the challenged athletes display their ability and wash away perceptions of what is a perceived disability is, showing we can achieve anything and live life to the fullest.

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Athletes with Disabilities Network-Northeast

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