Thank you Smoothie King

Athletes with Disabilities Network Northeast would like to thank Smoothie King, located in Cinnaminson, NJ for their contribution.  Without community businesses like Smoothie King we would not be able to assist our communities disabled veterans, first responders and community members through mentoring and outreach and adaptive sports.   Please stop in to this delicious spot and grab a smoothie.

Click on the photo for their location and facebook page.


Adaptive Fitness Clinic Sweat Fitness Conshohocken, PA

On Saturday, November 12th, 2016 Athletes with Disabilities Network organized an adaptive fitness clinic hosted by Sweat Fitness, located in Conshohocken, PA.  The purpose of the clinics is to provide disabled veterans, first responders and community members the opportunity to learn basic exercises that can be performed both at home and in the gym.  The goal is for participants will see the value of these simple exercises and continue to them which helps to reduce some sedentary behaviors and decrease health risk factors.

Sweat Fitness owners, and staff like  Director of Training Darrell Evans(Manyunk), DeeDee Mann (Trainer), Director of Training Breanna Henry(Conshohocken), and Kenneth Landon (Trainer) volunteered their time, because they understand the impact their passion has on others.  None of this would have been possible if it was not for the kindness and generosity of the owners of Sweat Fitness. Their understanding that many disabled community members have additional expenses that can be overwhelming and costly,  they decided  to provide all the disabled participants with free memberships for 1 year.  Grant information was also  supplied to participants to provide opportunities for individualized training sessions.

Thank you to to all the trainers and staff at Sweat Fitness and we look forward to future clinics!



Call to action!!

This is our call to action and that means you!!!!!! The mission begins!14237564_1757428047844461_1448575904410124419_n

There are 705,250 disabled people and 427,118 veterans in the Philadelphia area. Many are in need of assistance after facing a life-changing event or lack of continuity of care from healthcare providers. Athlete with Disabilities Network Northeast is making efforts to help our local disabled and veteran communities, but we can’t continue these important projects without your help.

Peer visits, which are organized by Athletes with Disabilities network for the veteran’s administration, area hospitals, and healthcare providers.  Our peers provide knowledge, guidance, and emotional support for disabled people person and their family.  In these visits, a person of similar disability meets with the person in need and provides a referral to help them receive treatment, grants, or access to available state, local, or private programs that can assist them. Meeting a peer who has experienced the same or similar disability provides a psychological boost that is immeasurable. The mentor also gives the mentee information on local adaptive programs, which provide venues to meet other disabled community members living active, healthy lifestyles.

Athletes with Disabilities Network Northeast needs your assistance in supporting our Mentoring & Outreach programs which provide assistance to disabled veterans, first responders and community members. We are looking for funders to help us raise the money to purchase a CRM software platform, hire staff, train more peer mentors of varying disability levels, print resources, and purchase transport vehicles. We are also asking organizations like yours to form teams to fundraise via existing sporting events like local running races which allow you to raise money for a cause. Once you create a fundraising page on our site, you then become an active member of our mission.

Please let me know in what capacity you and your organization would be able to assist us in achieving our goal of helping disabled veterans, first responders and community members remain active members of the community. I look forward to working with you.

Join the team:

Please see our main website for events 

Brandon Holiday- Executive Director