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 Susan Lazarchick– I can attest to the quality of the work that Brandon C Holiday is doing. I do not consider myself an “Athlete”, however most people with disabilities, myself included, can benefit from increased levels of activity.  For me, sometimes I have been hesitant to do activities that I did before.  Being supported in a group environment has helped me overcome many of my considerations and fears.



Richard Bullard 1

Richard Bullard– I am a Blind Veteran 50 plus.  I have been in survival mode for years, but now all great!! I may not be an athlete now, but with their help I will be.  It’s a great organization and great volunteers that go way beyond the extra mile.  I am living thanks to Brandon.  I have met so many people at these events, a

Roger Miller(Lt. Fire Department)- Hello folks, my name is Roger Miller and I became a left above knee amputee in July 2012. There are so many people have the belief that life will start a downward spiral with the loss of a limb. Not so.
In the later part of 2012, I met this guy, Brandon Holiday whom happen to the president of an organization named Athlete’s with disAbilities Network (northeast chapter) Brandon and I started chatting and he informed me that there’s so much activities I can get involved with, one really caught my attention, KAYAKING as I once used to do recreational kayaking. I immediately took interest in Athletes with disAbilities Network and have been involved in so many events and each year increasing, ADN has opened the doors to many activities for so many people and also including, mentoring and outreach programs. I absolutely will encourage everyone to be part of such organization, even if you are able bodied, there is a place for you to fit right in and be a part of.

Patrick McCrea- My name is Pat Mccrea. I lost my lower left  leg on February 7th 2017.Before I had  my leg amputated, My wife my daughter and myself met with Brandon. He took the time to explain what we were facing.He was able to show and exhibit that I would be able to be active and productive. He explained  to me what to do and also what  to look out for. He told me how to desensitize my stump with different materials.  Brandon gave us his phone number the first time we met. When I was down or needed some advice he was only a phone call  away. He always CALLED or texted me back that day I truly believe that  without him guiding and helping me I would not have recovered  as quickly as  I was operated on Feb 7th and I was playing golf April 1st. Thanks to Brandon and Athletes with Disabilities Network Northeast for everything he and they have  done for myself and  my family.


Joanne Cohen–  I am a bilateral amputee and an active one as well. When my amputations took place I was determined to fine some type of Adaptive Sports out there. I missed Athletes with Disabilities Network Northeast first Kayaking Event, but did attend the second event and boy was it an incredible feeling.  It was really enjoyable to go out on Cooper River and paddle along in the kayak and leave all your feelings somewhere else. Knowing, you are not alone in this situation and being with the volunteers as well as the participants you see that there is light at the end of tunnel and you can enjoy these sports . Brandon Holiday and his Athletes with Disabilities Network is a prime example that people like ourselves can enjoy these great events. More of these Sporting Events are needed out there for the people that are disabled and do not know about it. Spread the word.

Mom- Chisa Merriweather– Our Chase is far from an ordinary 7 year old. Following a near fatal illness at the young age of 3, we knew he was a fighter! The loss of his hands and feet due to necrosis hasn’t slowed him down one bit. Chase’s love of sports and his competitive nature encourages him to keep up with his brothers and other kids his age. With the help of the Athletes with disAbilities Network Northeast Chase has been given the opportunity to work on swimming, running but most of all getting a bike especially for him. We are sincerely thankful for all that you do!


Mom- Krista Cunningham – our son Jack is a very active 11 year old. He has been a bilateral below the knee amputee since the age of one. Jack plays able body sports-travel soccer, swimming, track, cross country and competes in triathlons. With the help of the Athletes with disAbilities Network Northeast Jack was able to get a bike through kidTri3 that allows him to participate in triathlons. He also enjoys meeting up with other athletes and working out through this organization. Thank you!

January 8, 2018

To whom this may concern

My name is Arthur (Sonny) Wimberly(veteran).  I was diagnosed with a life altering disease in 2006.  As my condition progressed, the voids of a quality life were increasing.  By 2012 wheelchair sports became a part of my life, and has made a tremendous difference in how I make it through a day.

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimony for Athletes with Disabilities Network Northeast.  I met Brandon years ago via CAF Operation Rebound, supporters of the National Veteran Wheelchair Games.  He is an   Inspiration to all with his positive message of can-do.  I never thought I would be kayaking on a river until it was introduced and supported in our area.  Since the first time I tried it I’m looking forward to the next opportunity.  I was also introduced to the sports of bocce ball, basketball and tennis.

It’s not just the sports activities that makes this organization special.  It’s also the social interaction with people dealing with challenges that give a positive message.  The same group courage that makes us successful on the battlefield.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have further questions, or something I can do to help his wonderful organization succeed in the mission.

Erin G-Three years ago I gave birth to my first child, she was born with spina bifida.  Spina bifida is a birth defect that affects people in a variety of ways.  In her case, the birth defect most noticeably affected her gross motor skills and she now will have to wear leg braces full time for the rest of her life in order to walk.

From a very young age, I recognized her desire to move even though it was a challenge for her.  I wanted to encourage her physical development as much as I could so I started to research what athletic opportunities existed for people like her.  Brandon Holiday and I met when my daughter was about 2 1/2 years old and I was immediately struck by his enthusiasm for helping grow adaptive sports and for encouraging everyone to get involved.  He invited me and my daughter to a “Sportsability Clinic” and it was awesome!  Even though she had just turned 3 years old she loved getting to run around the gym and see all the athletes.  I was thrilled because she is not typically around such a large group of people with disabilities similar to her own.  I loved that she was able to see so many disabled athletes thriving and enjoying their sport no matter their level of ability.  The exposure to this environment continues to have a very positive impact on her own self-image and confidence.

I am a veteran and RBK amputee who was recently given the opportunity to play flag football with the Wounded Warrior Flag Football Team against former NFL players. I typically participate in wheelchair sports and activities but the chance to once again play the sport I love the most had been a desire of mine for a long time. However, my confidence was low due to the weakness of my legs. I feared this would be an opportunity that would pass me by. Fortunately, Brandon Holiday of the Athletes with Disabilities Network sent me an email with an offer that seemed to be created just for me! A FREE MEMBERSHIP to Sweat Fitness including 33 FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS! To add to this blessing, my personal trainer was also a physical therapist so I got the best of both worlds! Not only did I play, but I got an interception and ran it back for a touchdown! I am so grateful for the work Brandon Holiday and the Athletes with Disabilities Network are doing for this region and beyond. Without their invaluable charity and intuitive insight to the needs of those with disabilities, I would not have been able to afford the preparation needed or confidence gained to achieve a dream fulfilled. Thank you Brandon! Thank you Athletes with Disabilities Network!

In Your Service,

Frank Sean Johnson – Air Force Vet

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